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Kittiwake Shipwreck Snorkel

On 5th January 2011, after seven years of dedicated effort and planning, the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, in collaboration with the Ministry and Department of Tourism, successfully laid the former submarine rescue ship Kittiwake in its final resting place off Seven Mile Beach where it now provides both a snorkeling and dive attraction.

The ex-USS Kittiwake is situated in a marine park that is protected under law in Cayman, with no touching or taking of anything, no gloves allowed and no fishing allowed on the wreck/Kittiwake site. It requires an entrance fee to visit from a licensed operator, with the fees going towards the ongoing maintenance and protection of the new artificial wreck/reef plus natural reefs.

The Department of Environment and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service's Marine Unit were present during the event, securing the perimeter around the vessel and observing the sinking, which took place in a designated Marine Park. The vessel became fully submerged at 2:37 p.m. and sank towards the ocean floor, where she rested perfectly into position, thanks to the seamless planning and management by the project crew and their affiliates. [Credit: kittiwakecayman.com.] The Kittiwake is resting in 60 feet of water, with its tower being less than 10 feet under water.

Please note, this will be arranged as a private charter ONLY, US$850 for up to 14 passengers, three hours, including pick-up at your hotel or condo on Seven Mile Beach. Please contact us for times.

Shipwreck Kittiwake

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Dolphin/Stingray/Turtles Combo Specials

Dolphin Lovers' Swim with Turtle Visit and Two-Stop Stingray City Snorkel
(approx. 5 hours):

US$129/person for 3'11" and over
US$99/person for 2'11" to 3'11"

Dolphin Adventure Swim with Turtle Visit and Two-Stop Stingray City Snorkel
(approx. 5 hours):

US$149/person for 4'7" and over
US$109/person for 3'11" to 4'7" at least 8 years of age

Royal Dolphin Swim with Turtle Visit and Two-Stop or Three-Stop Stingray City
Snorkel (approx. 5-6 hours):

US$179/person for 4'7" and over
US$129/person for 3'11 to 4'7" at least 8 years of age

Please note: If you are staying on the island, you may wish to divide up the tours into two different days.

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