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Deep Sea Fishing

Capt. Marvin's Watersports is privileged to have excellent, experienced captains who will help you catch that big marlin, tuna or wahoo. One of the great advantages of deep sea fishing in Grand Cayman is that our deep water is not far from shore, so you do not have to spend hours of your time just getting to the fishing areas.

We provide the fishing gear and bait, as well as the captain and mate for your fishing charter with us, and we offer both half-day and full day fishing charters. Our half-day charters are from 8 AM until 12 noon, and again from 1-5 PM; and our full day charters are from 8 AM until 3 PM. Upon request we will also provide a cooler with ice for your beverages and snacks if you would like to bring them along with you.

We highly recommend that you wear sunscreen and bring it along for frequent application; and a hat with plenty of shade protection.

The tradition in Grand Cayman is that 1/3 of the catch (or an edible amount, whichever is smaller) goes to those fishing, and 2/3 of the catch goes to the boat.

Let us know whether you would like a half-day or a full day deep sea fishing charter, and we will prepare a contract for you to include all the details of your fishing charter.

We also offer shared charters in case you would like to share with 2-3 more people to make up a group of 4-5, which is the maximum we take on our fishing charters. Just give us the dates you will be here and we will do our best to put you together with another group for a shared charter. The cost of the charter is divided by the number of people fishing.

We would love to guarantee that you will catch fish, but the fish don't always listen to us. Let us know if you have any questions about fishing here in Grand Cayman and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Deep Sea Wahoo fish Mahimahi side view Mahimahi fish Wahoo fish side view

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Summer Splash Dolphin tour Discount

Please check with us for seasonal specials!

Dolphin/Stingray/Turtles Combo Specials

Dolphin Lovers' Swim with Turtle Visit and Two-Stop Stingray City Snorkel
(approx. 5 hours):

US$129/person for 3'11" and over
US$99/person for 2'11" to 3'11"

Dolphin Adventure Swim with Turtle Visit and Two-Stop Stingray City Snorkel
(approx. 5 hours):

US$149/person for 4'7" and over
US$109/person for 3'11" to 4'7" at least 8 years of age

Royal Dolphin Swim with Turtle Visit and Two-Stop or Three-Stop Stingray City
Snorkel (approx. 5-6 hours):

US$179/person for 4'7" and over
US$129/person for 3'11 to 4'7" at least 8 years of age

Please note: If you are staying on the island, you may wish to divide up the tours into two different days.

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